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We are an group that focuses on garnering great publicity for Louisiana Talent. Founded in 1994, we’ve adapted to changes in technology, expanding from traditional methods of promotion to publicizing our family via Internet media. We are committed to designing tasteful, relevant talent, drumming up support for our family without ever departing from your vision.

Beside raising awareness of our culture, we also help you find venues for your talents, partnering with a wide range of restaurants, schools, coffee shops, companies and convention halls.



Louisiana Entertainment eXperience


Louisiana Entertainment X

Whether you are a performer, techie, an avid fan, or own an outlet for LA-X Culture, we can help you succeed.

Our team works to bring you the history and stories behind the Gumbo Culture that is, The Louisiana eXperience.

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Sights and Sounds


Need something? Give us a shout!!! We want to partner with you to help you succeed. Whether your looking for a band, promoting a show or writing an app… let us know! We want to connect you with our community.





Music. Culture. Passion.

Dockside Studio


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For Musicians

Looking to be heard? Send us a demo or setup an audition to be on the show.


For Fans of History/Culture

Tells us your story! What you like or your Louisiana eXperience!


Success To All Artists

Welcome to the Louisiana Entertainment eXperience Group.  We specialize in anything to do with Louisiana  Talent and Culture.

Sponsored by Consolidated Arts – Whether music is your career or hobby, there’s no better shop to stop, learn and record. Tune in and let them turn you up!


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Pop, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Classical…we have all


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