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Consolidated Arts

Consolidated Arts LLC is a professional services company based in Carencro, Louisiana. Founded in 1989, we have become one of most versatile companies in the South, working with clients from around the Nation. Consolidated Arts is committed to providing clients with the family experience. We work with clients to accomplish their goals and provide the best support possible with the best tools available.

 Our Family


Push Your Music with Less Hassle

We are here to help. Contact us to assist with a demo of your talent and we’ll help you show that talent to the world.


Mail to: 126 Ira St., Carencro, LA 70520

Phone: 225-308-1343


Fan Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Passion

Dying for a new connection? LA Entertainment X helps you:

  • Find Events- We offer detailed information on time, location, musicians, ticket prices, concessions, and parking at events throughout Louisiana.
  • Play Your Favorites- Our webcasting gives you access to artists from throughout Louisiana. You can also follow individual artists, culture event, art, food, movies and more = join to receive updates.
  • Follow the Latest Trends- Our site allows you to follow your Louisiana Family,  and see what happening in your neighborhood as well as outside your block.